inQuire consulting specializes in innovative adult education and workforce development programs and services.

Training has always been a great way to ready people for a shifting job market. But for many Canadians – especially those with language, literacy or essential skills gaps – traditional training just doesn’t work. Reaching those workers is what inQuire does best. 


Nothing beats helping good people find good jobs.
Here’s how we do it.

We listen. We believe better solutions come from understanding real needs. So we listen ­– to our clients, to partners and to participants – to figure out goals, identify barriers and plan a better way forward.

We solve problems. We look for innovative ways to meet new challenges and new ways to meet intractable ones. After all, problems are really just opportunities to think differently.

We're experienced. We know what it takes to develop and implement outstanding education and training programs – because we've been doing it since 2005. And it's that extensive experience – built at the local, provincial and national level – that provides us with a comprehensive range of models to draw on.

We stay current. While experience is a great teacher, we know better than anyone that there’s a lot to learn from others. So we stay up-to-the-minute on adult education and workforce development, using the latest academic and evaluation literature to get better at what we do.

We’re all about results. What worked? And what didn’t? What can we do better next time? Those are the questions that drive us every day, so we work closely with our clients and partners to make sure they’re getting the best results possible.


Our clients include government policy makers, education providers and not-for-profits. At inQuire, we believe the best results come from working closely with all stakeholders to achieve a shared sense of purpose and value.   



City of Toronto: Toronto Public Health

Employment and Social Development Canada

Ontario Ministry of Education

Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education 


education providers & not-for-profits


What our clients say

Marisa and Karen are experts in knowing and understanding their clients and the learners they serve. They are so respectful in asking the right questions in order to develop the best products, curriculum and services. They are both gifted in their ability to meet the needs of diverse populations and I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to collaborate with them on delivering services to Indigenous populations across Canada. 

Nene Kraneveldt, President, Imagination FX, Port Alberni, British Columbia


Nunavut Arctic College wanted a way for students with lower essential skills levels to prepare for employment. inQuire provided the research and design expertise we needed to address the challenges we face in delivering our programs in 22 remote Arctic communities. Karen and Marisa engaged our instructional staff and administration in a collaborative process, ensuring the curriculum and resources were culturally relevant and fulfilled the program outcomes.

Dan Page, Coordinator, Community Programs South Baffin, Nunavut Arctic College, Iqaluit, Nunavut


I’ve had the opportunity to work with inQuire on a number of initiatives over the past decade. While they are methodical, thoughtful and deliberate in the way they work, Karen and Marisa’s greatest strength lies in their ability to understand the importance of creating meaningful impact from the work they do.

John MacLaughlin, Former Executive Director, Toronto Workforce Innovation Group, Toronto, Ontario


RESDAC’s Designed to Work project benefited from inQuire's rigorous and meticulous approach to conducting research. This project tested an innovative approach to program design and delivery that was particularly challenging for institutions and practitioners. Marisa and Karen brought clarity and a keen eye for detail to the project, as well as a flexibility in thinking that was particularly appreciated. RESDAC would without any hesitation renew a working partnership with inQuire should the opportunity arise.

Gabrielle Lopez, Executive Director, Réseau pour le développement de l'alphabétisme et des compétences (RESDAC), Ottawa, Ontario

We have always found working with inQuire a deeply enriching experience. They are responsible for developing many of our popular resources, including the workwrite series and CAMERA assessment, and for leading WESCan—a multi-year, national project to develop and enhance workforce literacy programming. Their approach is to listen and work collaboratively with others. They bring a high level of professionalism to their work, and have represented PTP well as they have worked across the country on our behalf. We continue to draw on inQuire‘s expertise in workforce development to help us plan and deliver complex, multi-stakeholder projects.

Many programs and people across Canada have benefited from Karen and Marisa’s work, and we hope to continue our working relationship with them for many years to come.

Barbara McFater, Executive Director, PTP Adult Learning and Employment Programs, Toronto, Ontario  


Marisa and Karen’s approach is skillful, professional and engaging. Perhaps most importantly, they conduct their work, through often-difficult terrain, with a sense of joy and positive energy that is infectious! This positive approach often proves the pivotal piece in the success of any undertaking or learning opportunity.

inQuire has exceeded expectations during every engagement and at every touch point during a project or delivery. We recommend Marisa and Karen to our colleagues as “go to” experts and welcome the opportunity to work with them again.

Randy Lindsay, Executive Director, Futureworx, Truro, Nova Scotia


inQuire consulting has done excellent work in supporting the use of the Canadian Language Benchmarks through occupational benchmarking projects, including the development of OLAs (Occupational Language Analyses) for many occupations, Essential Skills, language training and resource development. Karen and Marisa are extremely knowledgeable, collaborative and reliable; it is always a pleasure to work with them.

Anne Senior, Specialist Consultant, Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks, Ottawa, Ontario

inQuire is Marisa Mazzulla and Karen Geraci

inQuire consulting is a partnership between Karen Geraci and Marisa Mazzulla. Since its inception in 2005, inQuire consulting has focused on enhancing adult literacy and English as a Second Language programming to meet the needs of job seekers. Karen and Marisa have contributed to literacy and Essential Skills framework and program design in several provinces and territories, and developed a wide range of resources for educational institutions, industry associations and Indigenous organizations.

KG 1.jpg

Karen geraci

Karen’s experience in adult education spans more than 20 years, yet she is constantly reminded how much there is to learn. She is keenly interested in the factors that influence our decisions as adults to return to education, upgrade our skills, and make changes to our working lives, recognizing that they hold the key to developing better, long-lasting solutions.

Karen holds a Master of Arts and certificates in Essential Skills Profiling, Human Resources Management, Occupational Language Analysis and Clear Language and Design.

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marisa mazzulla

Marisa has worked in the fields of adult basic education and English as a Second Language since 2001. Over the years her attention has shifted from a focus on literacy and language training to holistic workforce development initiatives that more fully address participants’ needs. Analytical by nature, Marisa recognizes the important role research and program evaluation can play in facilitating program improvement.

Marisa holds a Master of Education and certificates in Teaching English as a Second Language, Essential Skills Profiling and Occupational Language Analysis.

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